Healthcare settings often need to work extra hard to attract and keep quality nurses during today’s nursing shortage.

We asked our Facebook community what benefit most draws them to a new position. View their answers and see below for a word cloud of the response:

Best Nursing Job Benefits

Nurses, tell us—what job benefit is a must-have?

  1. I believe the best & most important qualities and benefits of a new job are:
    1. Affability and support from management all the way up to the C-level Suites.
    2. Benefit package as a whole including salary options.
    3. Appropriate staffing and scheduling of nursing and other supportive services.

  2. I would add that, if possible, I’d negotiate certain special off days. You can never be too detailed in negotiating your new work lifestyle.

  3. Hello Molly,

    My name is Tamara and i am still in high school and for the past two or three days i have been really interested in this college. I have my heart set on being a nurse. I have a lot of experience in the medical field. I live at home with my two elderly grandparents and living with them i am learning a lot about medicine. I would really appreciate if you can E-mail me so that we may talk more.


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