1. In Sept, 2013 the Dr. found a lil small mask on my breast, For 3wks I didn’t know if it were are were not cancer. But I gain strength, Courage, and confidence from every experience in which I stopped and looked fear in the face. But THANK God it were not cancer. Just to say come on ladys lets show and give support to each other.

  2. I am ready to be a part of the chamberlain team my compassion and intelligence can contine to be develped. My inner man is leaping with joy and excitement!. Let’s get started it is time for us to make a difference in communities, villages in our day to day operations. May we be blessed as we go foward. Looking foward to talking to the admission staff. 316 706 6384

  3. Hi! Recently,i was diagnosed to have DCIS,a breast cancer.I just had my mastectomy last April 17 and trying to be strong…

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