Children in the Philippines
A photo from Chamberlain student Casey Cajalne

Unofficial patient counts have come in … more than 2,000 patients have been seen over the last two days on the International Nursing Service Project trip to the Philippines. Every single one of those people was assessed head-to-toe and triaged by one of the 13 Chamberlain student nurses! It’s nothing short of mind-blowing!

Our performance continues to build and improve with every patient we see in triage. Asking the right questions, providing a great head-to-toe assessment, measuring vital signs accurately, providing patient education and concise and clear documentation are just some of our goals. The Filipino people have treated us strangers with such great respect and have been so grateful for us being there to take care of them.

However, tomorrow is our last day here in Cabatuan and it’ll be bittersweet when we finally leave on Thursday. So many people walk this earth looking for ways in which they can make a mark on this world, I just so happen to think that our 2013 Chamberlain Philippines Team is well on its way.

Thanks for reading! Keep following our trip updates.


Student nurses in the Philippines

  1. Lucky recipients were my ‘kailyans’ in Cabatuan, Isabela.

    I will always be grateful to these unsung heroes who sacrifice their time and energy (… and money) just to bring medical assistance to those in need of care and attention.

    May their tribe increase!

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