We are pleased to announce that Chamberlain College of Nursing has launched a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program!

Chamberlain’s DNP degree program is designed for the advanced practice nurse (APRN) seeking the highest level of clinical competency.

The curriculum focuses on understanding and applying research in advanced nursing practice, organizational leadership, population health, informatics and healthcare policy.

“Healthcare delivery is evolving to focus more heavily on illness prevention and specialized models of care that address a diverse patient population,” said Carole Eldridge, DNP, RN, CNE, NEA-BC, director of graduate programs for Chamberlain. “Chamberlain’s DNP degree program prepares nurses to fill critical leadership roles in a variety of healthcare settings, overseeing the implementation of such reforms. Graduates will bridge the knowledge gap between research and practice to provide greater patient safety and continuous quality improvement.”

In the 2010 report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” the Institute of Medicine recommended doubling the proportion of nurses with a doctoral degree by 2020. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing echoes this recommendation, supporting a change in the level of preparation required for advanced nursing practice from the master’s to the doctoral degree.

“Chamberlain’s evidence-based project and practicum focus prepares APRNs to implement solutions for some of the most pressing issues they will confront in their professional roles,” said Patricia Fedorka, PhD, RNC-OB, C-EFM, CNE, professor in Chamberlain’s DNP degree program. “APRNs who obtain this DNP degree will have the knowledge to apply proven research in direct patient care to improve delivery processes and strengthen the foundation of healthcare.”

The 10-course Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program may be completed online in five semesters, or fewer than two years of full-time study. During four practicum courses, students build their advanced nursing knowledge through clinical experience and a final project. Projects will aim to improve patient and process outcomes, and might range from a quality improvement project to a pilot study in the healthcare setting. Students will be able to see the impact of their change initiative immediately.

Chamberlain is now accepting applications for the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program. Learn more today!

  1. Hi Molly. I am completing MSN program currently at Chamberlain. I’m done April 28. When am I eligible to apply for the DNP program?

  2. It would be cool to have a regular NP Program. I’m a graduate of Chamberlain and would like to enroll in the DNP program, but am required to be an NP first. So Chamberlain…. I’m hoping….

    • Hi LaRita! Chamberlain College of Nursing is currently seeking approvals from state regulatory and accrediting agencies to offer a Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty Track in our MSN program. We’ll keep you updated.

  3. When is the deadline for the next class? I’m finishing this month and will be sitting for my exam in 2 months.

  4. I’m interested in pursuing my DNP. While researching instituions that have On-line Programs, I noticed Chamberlain. The question regarding accreditation of the DNP program was asked by another individual earlier. Although the College of Nursing is regionally accreditied, when do you expect to hear about accreditation status of your new DNP Program?

  5. I am concerned about the DNP retention/attrition? I got a message that it was 70%. How many students are expected to graduate in the first DNP program. What places a student on academic probation.

    • Hi Ofelia, thanks for your interest in Chamberlain! Graduation rates are not yet available for this program. If you send us an email at we can connect you with an admissions advisor to help answer your questions.

  6. Hello, I am currently a student at chamberlain working towards my BSN and I’ve read many things online suggesting that you can take your BSN right to your DNP is that the case at chamberlain as well?

    • Hi Kaylee,

      We do have a similar program at Chamberlain when it comes to going from your BSN to your MSN. But that program is specifically designed for existing nurses looking to earn their BSN and continue on to their MSN. You can read more about it here.

      However, it is entirely possible that you can earn your BSN and continue right on to your MSN and then your DNP while at Chamberlain. As you near graduation, you’ll want to alert your advisor to your desire to continue on, and they can help you streamline the process.

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