When will I hear back from nursing school?

Congratulations! You’ve just submitted your application to Chamberlain College of Nursing! This is your first step in the application review process, but more importantly, this is a giant leap towards a future as a passionate and confident registered nurse. Take a moment to congratulate yourself on the first of many noteworthy accomplishments you will achieve in the next few years!

Now, let’s go behind the scenes and answer some of the questions you might have about the application review process and when you will hear back about your application to the Three-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Associate Degree in Nursing degree programs.

From the moment you first inquire at Chamberlain, your admissions advisor begins preparing your file for the admissions committee, who will ultimately decide if you are academically eligible for admission into the nursing program. Academic eligibility does not guarantee acceptance into the nursing program, but it does allow you to progress to the pre-enrollment and registration phases of admission.

So how long will it take to complete the application process? There are a lot of factors that can speed up or slow down this process. Luckily, most of these factors are entirely controlled by you! In addition to your application and interview, your advisor will need your official transcripts and HESI A2 Admission Assessment results Score.  The majority of our applicants complete these tasks within two weeks of their interview.

These steps greatly control the timeframe on when you can expect to hear back from the admission committee. The sooner you complete these tasks, the sooner your file can be submitted for the admissions committee review.

Your advisor processes your application and will prepare it for the admission committee. The admission committee routinely meets to review applications. The intervals at which they meet varies by campus location and the next semester start date. The admissions committee meetings may be scheduled as frequently as every week or every month. When you complete your application for admission, work with your advisor to prepare a plan of action aligned with an upcoming admission committee meeting date. In other words, the admission advisor can share with you the campus admission committee meeting dates! The admissions process from interview and application to a decision on academic eligibility takes on average about a month to complete. Find a complete list of application items needed for our pre-licensure programs here.

You should expect to hear the results of the admissions committee’s decision within 24 hours of their meeting. We recommend you put the admission committee meeting date on your calendar, so you’re ready to receive this information. At Chamberlain, we send all admission decisions in written form via mail.  Your admission advisor will call you with the decision as well, so be on the lookout for a call from your advisor to hear the news!

Have more questions about the application review process? Talk to an admissions representative at 855.294.7205!

  1. I just graduated and got my Associates of Art and I want to be a nurse, do I have to take the TEAS or HESI before applying?

  2. Hi,I have summited my document two week ago with my hesi 82 and GPA 3.2 in Houston chamberlain college. The admission committe was supposed to meet last week I am not hearing anything till now.does it mean I am rejected. I have applied for 2015 January session . Is it too late to get into this program. I am worried

    • Hi Triecy,

      The admission process from interview and application to a decision on academic eligibility takes on average about a month to complete.

      If you’re already a few steps into the process and your admission advisor is ready to share your application with the committee, you should only have the most of two weeks more to wait. However, this can vary.

    • Hi Kelly,

      The A2 Admission Assessment covers the following areas: English, Math, Science and personality/learning style with a total of five hours and fifteen minutes to complete the test. To pass the exam, a minimum of a 75 percent or higher is required. This composite score is derived by calculating the English and Math sections of the exam; however, faculty examine the Science scores independently during Admission Committee review. Applicants are allowed to take the A2 Admission Assessment a second time at no additional cost within the 30 days.

      If you have additional questions, you can reach out to an admission representative at 877.751.5783

  3. I applied and took the hesi a year ago and could not get my transcript released until I paid off a balance. Do I have to apply again and retake the hesi or can my advisor just pick up where we left off?

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