Thanks in part to TV dramas, emergency nursing – or emergency department (ED) nursing – is one of the highest-profile and most recognizable nursing specialties. These nurses treat patients who are critically ill or injured, often when time is of the essence and the cause or extent of the illness or injury is still unknown. READ MORE

As the world becomes increasingly global and technology-driven, nurses are addressing the complex patient needs of diverse populations in more advanced healthcare settings. To help students better understand a wide range of patient needs and healthcare environments, nursing schools are incorporating more experiences outside of the classroom to complement learning and better prepare nurses for real-world patient care. READ MORE

As career opportunities for nurses continue to grow, so do the chances for individual nurses to step up into leadership roles. Whether this is among their immediate care team or in the boardroom, nurses everywhere need to recognize that they are empowered and capable of leading. At one university, a new program is helping to do just that. READ MORE