Nurses regularly face new challenges and opportunities in their work, as illustrated by the top stories in the past week. For nurses interested in advancing their career, an FAQ offers insight into becoming a Nurse Practitioner and six female leaders from around the globe share their ideas on success. And for nurses looking to transform their work environments, a team in New York has stepped up the response time of their emergency department with the goal of no waiting, while a new report highlights the need for nurses to report violent incidents to promote their own safety. READ MORE

The growing need for Nurse Practitioners (NP) is reaching a critical point as the number of new primary care physicians has stagnated in recent years. Find out what needs to be done to eliminate barriers for more NPs to enter the field. Also, patient diversity and the importance of cultural competency are discussed in a new report and Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities ramp up efforts to meet recruitment needs as the number of patients they service continues to increase. READ MORE

The holiday season may be six months away, but Chamberlain students were in the giving-spirit through the month of June. Students in Illinois, Texas and Virginia took time to give back to the community and support charitable causes. See what’s going on with 3-year BSN students at four of our campus locations. READ MORE

Can an increase in nurses in research positions lead to better patient care? That’s the question addressed by a recent article in FierceHealthcare. The nursing industry is also poised to benefit from an OSHA crackdown on healthcare facilities that fail to protect nurses from injury. And a new patient discharge procedure has helped one hospital lower medication errors. READ MORE

The summer of 2015 starts off with positive news for nurses. The American Nurses Association announced new work towards getting nurses a seat at the decision making table in healthcare organizations. The National League for Nursing has announced the inductees for the 2015 Academy of Nursing Fellows. And new research shed light on what nurse managers can do to create a strategic success plan for nursing leadership. READ MORE